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A wide range of high quality graduated pipette tips fulfills the pipetting needs of research, diagnostics and analytical laboratories. The micropipette tips are available bulk (in bags), racked and in form of reload systems, supported by sets of empty racks for refill with reload micropipette tips. Capp offers autoclavable pipette tips that are all RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified. The racks can also be autoclaved for 20 min. at 121°C. All micropipette tips are made of virgin polypropylene. Capp offers tips for pipettes suitable for the 96-well standard (8 and 12 channel pipettes) and tips for pipettes for 384-well standard (16, 48 and 64 channel). Learn more tips for pipettes of 384-well standard and other instruments suitable for 384-well plates. This micropipette tips are universally compatible with the great majority of pipette brands on the market, providing crystal clarity and graduated increment marks for the ultimate convenience of use.

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