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  • The new CAPPSolo single channel pipettes are built to meet the liquid-transfer needs of the modern laboratory.
  • These dependable work-horses are the ideal micropipette for research, clinical and academic laboratories that require great quality without breaking the bank.
  • Here are some brief highlights of what you can expect from these excellent automatic pipettes.
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Cat. No. Description
S2-1 CappSolo pipette, 0.1 – 2,5 µL
S10-1 CappSolo pipette, 0.5 – 10 µL
S20-1 CappSolo pipette, 2 – 20 µL
S50-1 CappSolo pipette, 5 – 50 µL
S100-1 CappSolo pipette, 10 – 100 µL
S200-1 CappSolo pipette, 20 – 200 µL
S1000-1 CappSolo pipette, 100 – 1000 µL
S5000-1 CappSolo pipette, 0,5 – 5 ml
S10000-1 CappSolo pipette, 1- 10 ml
S5-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 5µL
S10-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 10µL
S20-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 20µL
S25-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 25µL
S50-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 50µL
S100-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 100µL
S200-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 200µL
S250-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 250µL
S500-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 500µL
S1000-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 1000µL
S2000-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 2000µL
S2500-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 2500µL
S5000-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 5000µL
S10000-1F CappSolo pipette, fixed vol. 10000µL
SK-03-S01 3 pipettes S10-1 /S100-1 /S1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer
SK-03-S02 3 pipettes S20-1 /S200-1 /S1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer

High precision automatic pipettes

CAPPSolo automatic pipettes have excellent calibration retention and a precise volume adjustment mechanism. These features ensure accurate volume dispensing making it easy to dial in the desired liquid volume on your automatic pipette. Coupled with the lockable counter mechanism, the high precision volume adjustment feature of CAPPSolo single channel pipettes commoditizes accurate and repeatable liquid dispensing. With CAPPSolo single channel pipettes you always get the precise volume whether you’re pipetting 0.1 µL or 10.000 µL.

Comfortable, lightweight micropipettes

With the sturdy and lightweight chassis of CAPPSolo single channel pipettes it is now easy to pipette through large sample volumes comfortably. The well balanced chassis reduces unnecessary weight without compromising the overall quality of the micropipette. This means that CAPPSolo single channel pipettes actively reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injury amongst workers that use these micropipettes for protracted periods of time.

Automatic pipettes with easy to use plunger

CAPPSolo single channel pipettes feature a most delightful plunger that will please every pipette warrior. The plunger design of these handy micropipettes is tailored for effortless liquid transfer so as to minimize the chances of occupational injuries. Additionally, the plunger mechanism on the single channel pipettes is coupled with a lockable counter which prevents accidental rotation while the automatic pipette is in use.

Robust single channel pipettes

The new CAPPSolo single channel pipettes are built to last and feature in-built protection against common laboratory accidents. Each micropipette has a sturdy chassis that can withstand everyday bumps and knocks that would otherwise ruin automatic pipettes. Additionally, CAPPSolo single channel pipettes have high chemical resistance against common lab chemicals and solvents. A heat resistant material construction means they can be safely autoclaved multiple times without a loss of integrity.

Customizable micropipettes

CAPPSolo automatic pipettes are designed for multi-tenant lab environments and include customizable color-coded rubber inserts. These removable rubber inserts make it super easy to categorize and personalize the CAPPSolo single channel pipettes. Examples of usage scenarios include allocating users their own color-coded micropipettes or categorizing automatic pipettes into set volume capacities. CAPPSolo single channel pipettes remove the friction from working together in the same lab.

CAPPSolo truly accurate, truly robust

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10 µL (compatible with 200uL tips), 100 µL, 1000 µL, 10000 vL (without tip ejector function), 20 µL (compatible with 200uL tips), 200 µL, 25 µL, 250 µL, 5 µL (compatible with 200uL tips), 50 µL, 500 µL, 2500 µL, 5000 µL, 2000 µL