QuEChERS mixesCHROMABOND QuEChERS Mix IV, Clean-up, EN 15662, 15 mL Centrifuge tubes


Advantages of QuEChERS (“Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe“ ) products in comparison with classical clean-up methods – Easy to handle and time-saving procedure as well as no need for glassware (convenient and economical). Low consumption of solvents and no need for chlorinated solvents (environmentally friendly). Broad range of pesticides can be detected and rugged method with high and safe recovery rates (reliable and good performance). These are the demands of modern sample preparation. The QuEChERS (pronounced as “catchers”) method, introduced by Anastassiades et al. in 2003, and the continuous development created an expansion of ready-to-use mixtures. QuEChERS became the method of choice in sample preparation for the analysis of pesticides and drugs in fruit, vegetables and other matrices.


Package unit 50 Piece(s)

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Hazardous material No
QuEChERS method Clean-up, EN 15662
Phase Mix IV
Mode Dispersive SPE (dSPE)
Composition 900 mg MgSO₄, 150 mg Diamino (PSA), 15 mg Carbon
Matrix properties Moderate content of chlorophyll and carotinoids (pigments)
Recommended application(s) Carrot, Coffee, Food samples, Forensic and drug samples, Lettuce, Pesticides, Sample preparation, Samples with moderate content of chlorophyll and carotinoids (pigments), Tea
Column type Centrifuge tube, 15 mL with screw cap
Column volume 15 mL
Hardware Polypropylene (PP)
Diamino (PSA) 150 mg Diamino (PSA)
MgSO₄ 900 mg MgSO₄
Carbon 15 mg Carbon
Storage temperature RT
Scope of delivery 50x centrifuge tubes (15 mL) filled with QuEChERS Mix, Certificate of analysis


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30 columns, 250 co;umns