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Boosting your PCR efficiency with CAPP Expell PCR Plates

CAPP Expell PCR products are amongst the finest on the market for many good reasons and our PCR plates are no exception. These PCR 96 well plates are designed for high efficiency across a wide range of PCR and sequencing applications.
Expell non-skirted PCR plates offer a broad range of compatibility with most of the common thermocyclers on the market while semi-skirted PCR plates offer better rigidity. Below, we will highlight some of the unique features of these extraordinary PCR plates.

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Contaminant-free PCR Plates

CAPP PCR plates are produced in a cleanroom environment to maintain maximum protection from contaminants that interfere with PCR. By painstaking care each Expell PCR plate is manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a manner that guarantees minimal PCR interference from supplier-linked contamination. This means that you can expect PCR 96 well plates without any DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases, pyrogens, or any of the other contaminants that interfere with the smooth running of your PCR.

Rich selection: skrited, non-skirted and semi-skirted PCR Plates

Expell PCR 96 well plates are supplied in skirted, non-skirted and semi-skirted PCR plates formats that are compatible with many of the leading thermocycler brands on the market. Volume capacities for the PCR 96 well plates range from 0.1-0.2mL and they are available in frosted and clear options. This gives users a rich selection of options from which to pick the best PCR 96 well plate to suit their unique PCR applications. The non-skirted PCR plates can be cut with a pair of scissors into smaller customized PCR plates, extending their utility beyond the 96 well format.

Robust PCR 96 well Plates

All Expell PCR plates are manufactured from CAPP unique polypropylene formulation. This unique fabrication material affords Expell PCR 96 well plates the liberty of being thin walled without making them fragile. Both non-skirted PCR plates and semi-skirted PCR plates are heat stable and they will not melt or warp on thermocycler blocks. All CAPP 96 well PCR plates can be safely autoclaved after use to decontaminate them before disposal. Additionally, CAPP Expell semi-skirted PCR plates are automation ready as they are robust enough for use in protocols that use robots.

qPCR-ready PCR plates

CAPP PCR plates with clear tubes are constructed from CAPP specially formulated USP VI polypropylene that is optimized for exceptional transparency. Our product engineers fine-tuned the chemistry of the polypropylene to the nexus of thermal and optic quality. This means that with each Expell PCR plate with clear tubes you are guaranteed accurate heat transfer and great signal detection in qPCR! For top detection of light signals, CAPP Expell PCR plates with frosted tubes are would be a great option when combined with optical sealing membranes.

Wide range of sealing membranes for CAPP PCR Plates

Individual tubes on CAPP PCR 96 well plates can be closed with a range of sealing membranes. Disposable Expell PCR 96 well plate sealing membranes are a great option for regular PCR (temp. 40-120⁰C). With a strong adhesive, these membranes provide a perfect seal that keeps evaporation rates lower than 5% throughout the entire PCR. Expell qPCR 96 well plate optical sealing membranes offer uninterrupted signal detection for real time PCR (temp. 40-120⁰C). Optical membranes feature high light transmittance and a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Last, and certainly not least, are the aluminum Expell PCR 96 well plate membranes that can be used for PCR (temp. 80-120⁰C) and storage. An optional CAPP decapping tool makes it easy to add and remove sealing membranes without damaging them or impeding light flow.

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ExpellPlus PCR plate of 96 x 0.2mL, 8x 25 pcs., ExpellPlus PCR plate of 96 x 0.1mL, 8x 25 pcs.

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5100213C – clear, non-skirted, 0.2mL, 8×25 pcs., 5100214C – frosted, sub-skirted (for ABI cyclers), 5100216C – clear, fully skirted, 5100313C – non-skirted, 5100314C – white semi-skirted (for Roche LightCycler 480 and COBAS Z 480), 5100315C – frosted, sub-skirted (for ABI fast cyclers)