Electrode, probe & solutionpH BUFFER SOLUTIONS



  • Ready to use pH buffer solutions with color coding, accuracy +/- 0,01 pH at 20°C. Traceable to NIST, packed in unique designed, practical twin-neck dosing bottles!
  • Unique and innovative design of the “twin neck” dosing bottles offers multiple advantages:
  • No need for a separate measuring container during calibration.
  • No waste of buffer since exact and correct quantity of buffer is dispensed into the calibrating chamber at all times.
  • Ideally suited for field work and easy to carry.

Operation is simple, fast and easy;

  • Open safety lock of the integrated calibration chamber.
  • Fill calibration chamber from buffer reservoir by pressing the bottle gently.
  • Calibrate pH electrode then discard used buffer solution.
  • Bottle is now ready for the following use.
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pH range / Colour

4.00 / Red, 7.00 / Yellow, 10.00 Blue


500 ml, 1000 ml