Pipette FillersPIPETTE FILLERS – pi-pump



  • A simple yet practical pipette filler for graduated and volumetric pipettes from 2 ml to 25 ml volume range.
  • Ergonomic body design perfectly fitsto any hand form and offers both left or right handers an easy operation.
  • Pipette stem smoothly fits to the flexible silicone chuck and are firmly hold in position.
  • Rotating the existing handwheel on the body upwards draws the liquid precisely to the desired level.
  • Rotating the handwheel downwards lets the liquid in the pipette discharge partially. Even very small volumes can be dispensed precisely.
  • A slight pressure applied to the fast release lever lets the liquid flow-out for complete delivery.
  • Can be quickly and easily dismantled for safe and fast cleaning.
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Additional information

Suction capacity

Up to 2 ml, Up to 10 ml, Up to 25 ml