VISOCOLOR accessoriesReference standard VISOCOLOR Color standards for Chlorine



Package unit 1 Piece(s)

Color standards for checking consistent instrument response of MACHEREY‑NAGEL photometers. The solutions simulate the test color at various concentrations. They are used directly with the corresponding chlorine method and give results in mg/L chlorine. These results are compared to a LOT-specific certificate.


  • Technical Data
Platform Powder Pillows
Parameter Chlorine
Instrumental measuring range Chlorine – 0 • ca. 0.5 • ca. 1.0 • ca. 4.0 mg/L Cl₂
Evaluable on photometer Advance, PF-3 Drinking Water, PF-3 Pool, PF-12Plus, UV/VIS II, VIS II
Sea water analysis No
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 2 Years
Remark Suitable for VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows free Chlorine and total Chlorine, VISOCOLOR ECO Chlorine 6, free + total, VISOCOLOR ECO Chlorine 2, free + total (4 mg/L not usable)
Scope of delivery 3 color standards, blank certificate in rugged case
Hazardous material No