SPE adsorbentsSPE adsorbents, LLE, SLE, CHROMABOND XTR + 50 filter elements (10 mm)


Packing material with filter elements (diameter 10 mm). Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE/SLE) of highly viscous aqueous solutions such as physiological fluids (blood, plasma, and serum) in clinical chemistry, dyes in textiles, environmental and food analysis without use of a separation funnel. High water loadability without breakthrough of water during elution with organic solvents. Also suited for removing small amounts of water from solvents which are not miscible with water. No problems with phase separation – no formation of emulsions.


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Hazardous material No
Method Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE, SLE), packing material
Phase XTR
Base material Kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth, diatomite)
Surface chemistry Kieselguhr (amorphous silica)
Mode SLE, Special application or diverse
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP)
Particle shape Irregular
pH stability 1.0–13.0
Recommended application(s) Packing material for liquid-liquid extraction
Endcapped No
Storage temperature RT
Scope of delivery 725 g (50x 14.5 g) adsorbent in aluminum bags + 50x filter elements (for NT20)


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