NANOCOLOR standard testsStandard test NANOCOLOR Detergents anionic



Package unit 40 Test(s)

Standard test for the determination of Detergents. Reagent kit for highly sensitive photometric measurements with low costs per sample. Pre-programmed on NANOCOLOR photometers.



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Platform NANOCOLOR standard tests
Parameter Detergents
Measuring range Detergents – 0.02–5.0 mg/L MBAS
Test No. 1-32
Based on norm Analogous to APHA 5540 C, DIN EN 903
Method Detergents – Methylene blue
NanOx N No
NanOx Metal No
Sludge reagent set No
Evaluable on photometer 500 D, Advance, UV/VIS II, VIS II
Sea water analysis No
Crack-Set No
Remark Measuring range on NANOCOLOR VIS II
Shelf life (from production) 3 Years
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Scope of delivery Rugged box with reagents for 40 tests.
Hazardous material Yes