Syringe filtersSyringe filtersSyringe filters, labeled, CHROMAFIL Xtra PES, 25 mm, 5 µm


Inside the syringe filter polyethersulfone is used as membrane material. The hydrophilic PES membrane is suitable for aqueous and slightly organic liquids. This filter shows a good stability against acids and bases as well as a very low adsorption for pharmaceuticals and proteins. Labeled for method validation and certification. All CHROMAFIL filters are autoclavable (121 °C and 1.1 bar for 30 min)!


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Hazardous material No
Method Filtration
Type Syringe filter, labeled
Housing type Wheel-like shaped housing
Hardware Polypropylene (PP) housing with filter membrane
Membrane type Polyethersulfone (PES)
Membrane properties Hydrophilic
Membrane diameter 25 mm
Membrane pore size 5 µm
Code type Labeled
Color code (top) Labeled
Color code (bottom) Colorless
Inlet Luer lock (top)
Outlet Luer tip (bottom)
Sample volume 5-100 mL
Recommended application(s) For aqueous and slightly organic liquids, Good stability against acids and bases, Low adsorption for pharmaceuticals and proteins, Suitable for HPLC columns packed with particles > 3 µm, GC, SFC
Sterile No
Binding capacity (proteins) Very low (29 µg / 25 mm)
Dead volume 80 µL
Filtration area 4.91 cm²
Storage temperature RT

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