VISOCOLOR ECOColorimetric test kit VISOCOLOR ECO Ammonium 3, refill pack



Package unit 50 Test(s)

Reagents for the determination of Ammonium in water samples. VISOCOLOR ECO Ammonium 3 combines easy performance with high measurement safety, by color and turbidity compensation. For visual determination by comparison with a color chart or photometric measurement with our compact photometers.



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Platform Colorimetric test kits
Parameter Ammonium
Gradation Ammonium – 0 • 0.2 • 0.3 • 0.5 • 0.7 • 1 • 2 • 3 mg/L NH₄⁺
Instrumental measuring range Ammonium – 0.1–2.5 mg/L NH₄⁺
Evaluable on photometer PF-3 Fish, PF-12Plus
Test No. 5-08
Method Ammonium – Indophenol
Sea water analysis Yes
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 1.5 Years
Remark Measuring range on PF-12Plus. Range on other photometers can be different.
Scope of delivery Reagents for 50 tests, color chart and accessories in a box
Hazardous material Yes