Biological MicroscopeBinocular Microscope – BM-700 (boeco)


  • Advanced biological Microscope for educational, teaching, life science and clinical applications.
  • The Anti-Fungus treatment protects the optical system, objectives and eyepieces in high-humidity environments.
  • The new designed F=200 mm Infinite Plan achromatic objectives provide a fully corrected image for clear visual and digital results.
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Specification BM-700:
Optical Head: Siedentopf Binocular Head, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, with high quality infinite optical system
Nosepiece: Backward quadruple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece: Pair Eyepiece WF 10X /20 mm, diopter adjustable, with anti fungus treatment, Interpupillary Distance 47-75 mm
Objectives: BOECO Anti Fungus Infinite Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (S), 100x (S) (Oil)
Stage: Double layer mechanical specimen stage. 216 x 150 mm Travel area 78 x 54 mm, Right hand stage handle
Focusing: Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, with graduation reading 2 microns per division. Total focusing range 24 mm, Safety autofocus stop unit.
Condenser: Sliding-in centerable Bright field condenser, n.A. 1,25, Integrated Iris diaphragm and filter tray.
Illumination: 3W LED lamp, Koehler illumination, brightness adjustable.
Body /power: Sturdy body with supportive rubber and inbuilt power supply 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Supplied with: Dust cover, green filter, immersion oil and instruction manual
Dimension: 204 x 376 x 406 mm
Weight: Net weight 7,0 / 7,2 kgs
Packing: styrofoam shelve in a cardboard box

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Cat. no. : 616.02.002 : pH, ORP, Temp, Cat. no. : 616.02.001 : pH, mV, Temp, Conductivity, TDS, Salt, DO, O2