Biological MicroscopeInverted Biological Microscope BIB-100 (boeco)


Optical System: Infinity corrected system, field diameter 22 mm
Viewing Head: Bino- or Trinocular Head, 30° 360° rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 48 – 75 mm
Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece: High-point, Extra Wide FieldEyepiece EW 10X /22 mm
Objectives: LWD Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Objective 4X/0,1WD 28 mm
LWD Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Objective 40X/0,8WD 2.1 mm
Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Phase Objective 10X/0,25WD 10 mm
Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Phase Objective 20X/0,4WD 5.1 mm
Condenser: ELWD condesner NA 0.3. LWD 72 mm (without condenser 150 mm)
Centering Centering Telescope 30 mm diam. Telescope Phase Annulus 10X -20X Phase Annulus Plate
Stage: PlainStage 160 x 250 mm, Glass Insert AuxilaryStage 70 x 180 mm, Attachable Mechanical Ruler
Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment. Vertical objective movement,
Coarses stroke 37.7 mm per rotation,Fine Stroke: 0,2 mm per Rotation
Filter: Diameter 45 mm, blue, green and ground glass
Illumination: 12V 30W Halogen lamp, light intensity adjustable.
Body: Innovative stand structure
Power: Inbuilt power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight: Net weight 11,0 / 11,7 kgs.
Supplied with: Dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual
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Cat. no. : 616.02.002 : pH, ORP, Temp, Cat. no. : 616.02.001 : pH, mV, Temp, Conductivity, TDS, Salt, DO, O2