CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes pack premium features in an affordable package without compromising on quality. These excellent mechanical pipettes would find a home in a variety of labs including academia, diagnostics and research where budgetary constraints often limit the options for procuring high-quality lab equipment. With the new CAPPSolo 8- and 12-channel mechanical pipettes, life science research just got exciting!

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Cat. No. Description
S10-8 CappSolo 8-channel pipette, 0.5 – 10 µL
S100-8 CappSolo 8-channel pipette, 10 – 100 µL
S300-8 CappSolo 8-channel pipette, 30 – 300 µL
S10-12 CappSolo 12-channel pipette, 0.5 – 10 µL
S100-12 CappSolo 12-channel pipette, 10 – 100 µL
S300-12 CappSolo 12-channel pipette, 30 – 300 µL

Mechanical Pipettes with dependable accuracy

CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes are painstakingly crafted to ensure industry-standard pipetting accuracy and precision over long usage cycles. Each channel of CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes is fine-tuned to ensure volume accuracy and comparability with all other channels. This also translates to dependable accuracy when pipetting the same volume multiple times with each multichannel pipette.

Ergonomic Multichannel Pipettes

Just like single channel CAPPSolo mechanical pipettes, the multichannel pipettes are equipped with a comfortable plunger and a lightweight chassis. These features reduce the chances of suffering from repetitive strain injuries when using CAPPSolo mechanical pipettes for protracted periods of time. A colorful soft grip finger rest also adds a comfortable and secure grip to the multichannel pipettes that minimizes accidental drops.

Robust Multichannel Pipettes

CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes are manufactured with a robust metal body that is built to last. With the brand-new design approach these mechanical pipettes retain their calibration settings for longer than the average multichannel pipettes on the market. This unique metal fabrication also increases their liquid transfer precision and accuracy. The best part of this is that these multichannel pipettes are competitively priced, giving you the best value for money of any multichannel pipette on the market.

Customizable Mechanical Pipettes

All CAPPSolo mechanical pipettes can be customized using the removable color-coded rubber inserts. This nifty little feature is great for shared lab spaces as they allow tagging of individuals to certain mechanical pipettes. The rubber inserts can also be used to organize multichannel pipettes by volume capacity and number of channels. This makes it extremely easy to pick the right pipette at a glance – something that will be appreciated by anyone that’s ever had to run multiple PCR plates in quick succession.

Multichannel Pipettes with large volume range

Both 8- and 12-channel variants of CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes offer great pipetting volume flexibility. Low capacity models of these mechanical pipettes offer pipetting volumes ranging from 0.5 – 10 µL for each individual channel. The high capacity CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes on the other hand, offer pipetting volumes ranging from 30 – 300 µL. Whatever volume you use, CAPPSolo multichannel pipettes have you covered.

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12-channel – 0.5-10 µL, 12-channel – 10-100 µL, 12-channel – 30-300 µL, 8-channel – 0.5-10 µL, 8-channel – 10-100 µL, 8-channel – 30-300 µL