Pipette FillersSPARE FILTER – for pipette pump



  • Advance yet easily controllable pipette filler for graduated and volumetric pipettes from 1 ml to 100 ml volume range. Even unexperienced users can adjust the meniscus precisely.
  • The optimised valve system allows easy draw of liquid without excess pressure.
  • Very easy to use; before attaching the pipette first squeeze the silicone bulb and release the air inside. Attach the pipette.
  • Move the pipetting knob upword for filling, downward for discharging. For blow-out just push the discharge bellow.
  • Ergonomic body design perfectly fits to any hand form and offers both left or right handers an easy operation.
  • Pipette stem smoothly fits to the flexible silicone chuck and are firmly hold in position.
  • A replaceable hydrophobic membrane filter in the intake cone prevents cross contamination and stops the penetration of impurities.
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Suction capacity

Max 3 ml, Max 5 ml, Max 10 ml